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  • pemba lodge pemba island

    Pemba Lodge, situated on the remote and beautiful Shamiani Island off Pemba, Zanzibar’s sister island, opened its doors for visitors in September 2010.

    It is Pemba’s first true eco-lodge.

    With Pemba Lodge, follows a responsible tourism philosophy which conserves the natural environment, gives local people work opportunities, and offers a satisfying and authentic holiday experience

    Pemba Lodge is a picture perfect tropical hideaway in a stunning and unique location.

    If you want to get away from it all and enjoy the untouched nature of this paradise Indian Ocean Island, staying with us is an excellent choice.

    With just five comfortable and well appointed bungalows, Pemba Lodge offers you ultimate privacy and serenity, which makes it also ideal for a truly romantic honeymoon.

    Sit back, relax and let us pamper you!
        We take pride in offering you very personal and friendly service in beautiful natural surroundings.

    The bungalows at Pemba Lodge are comfortable and beautiful in their unique, rustic way while having minimum impact on the environment

    Our natural air conditioning:

    In Pemba’s tropical weather conditions, you will notice that your bungalow is cool, airy and dry even without the usual mod cons. In Pemba Lodge, a healthy and comfortable interior climate is achieved entirely by traditional, natural means.

    The bungalows are designed to facilitate cross- ventilation, making best use of the gentle Pemba breeze. They are even built on stilts to allow cooling from below!

    Makuti (palm tree foliage) roofs absorb the heat and the manjavi (woven grass mats) used for the walls are excellent for air circulation.

    Our unique furniture:

    The furniture are hand crafted from the wood of reclaimed dhows and ngalawas, the traditional sailing boats in this part of the world. They have been bought from retired fishermen and collected from all over Pemba. With their unique design and rustic look, they are a bold statement about both the ethnic roots and the green philosophy of Pemba Lodge.

    Each bungalow is equipped with a big, comfortable four poster bed with billowing mosquito netting, a book shelf, beautiful desk and chair, and a robust wardrobe fabricated from the retired seafaring boats with their own bespoke design.

    On closer inspection, the original corks and nails can be seen still in place, evoking a sense of how local fishermen carry out their carpentry craft on the boats. In their natural state these boats make a fabulous furniture range that is recycled, rustic and beautifully original, leaving guests pondering how they can transport such items to decorate their own homes…

    Our green technology:

    All bungalows have their private bathroom with state-of-the-art rainwater shower

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