Ngezi Forst Reserve - Pemba Island


    Ngezi forest is located at the north-western tip of Pemba island. It is bordered to the south by the village of Kiuyu Kwa Manda, to the north by Tondooni, Verani and Makangale villages, to the east by Msuka village and the sea and to the west by Kipangani village and the Pemba channel.

    Ngezi can be accessed by road from Konde on the new road that stretches along the villages on the eastern side of Pemba. The road is good up to the entry of the forest at the Kiuyu Kwa Manda village but the conditions deep into the forest depend on the season. During the wet months of March to May the land is very soft and there is a danger from falling trees but the situation is rather different in the drier months as heavy sand may, at times, cause havoc to two-wheel driven vehicles. Visiting Ngezi is a must for any nature tourist and the cool, pristine beach at Vumawimbi on the north-eastern part of the forest is very tempting and rewarding. The forest line containing closed vegetation continues up to the beach at Vumawimbi giving visitors to the new tourist resorts a wonderful tropical experience.

    Forest types

    Ngezi forest contain following vegetation types:

    • Coral bushes and thickets
    • Ndaamba or thillipia on areas with sandy-loam soils. Dominant vegetation in Ndaamba or Mtifutifu soils include thick grasses and bushes.
    • High, closed forest that covers most of the Ngezi forest. Dominant species include the ubiquitous Odyendea zimmermanni ( Mjoho), which was introduced into the forest but has now overshadowed much of the native species.
    • Riverine forest represented by Barringtonia racemosa ( Mtomondo occupying areas along the edge of streams that end up into the sea.
    • Mangrove forests covering much of the western border as Ngezi come into contact with Pemba Channel.


    Major species

    • Odyendea zimmermanni - Mjoho
    • Barringtonia racemosa - Mtomondo
    • Milicia spp - Mvule
    • Alexandrian laurel - Mtondoo
    • Erythropholem spp - Mwavi
    • Antiarus spp - Mgulele
    • Chrisalidocarpus pembanus - Mpapindi
    • Terminalia catapa - Mkungu



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