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Mazsons Hotel Zanzibar

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

Mazsons is one of Zanzibar Island\'s most historic accommodations. In 1999, the hotel was a recipient of the 24th International award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering industry, presented in Madrid, Spain More info

Safari Lodge Zanzibar

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

Safari Lodge offers an exciting destination with a new standard in services and accomodation, attracting not only international, domestic business and leisure travelers, but also for locals who want to escape into a romantic world. More info

Kholle House Zanzibar

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

After three years of meticulous renovation, Kholle House has opened its doors! Built in 1860 by Princess Kholle, the daughter of the 1st Sultan of Zanzibar, Kholle House provides a glimpse into the life of a Zanzibarian Princess More info

Protea Hotel Mbweni Ruins

Tanzania . Zanzibar Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

The perfect choice for both beach and Stone Town holiday in Zanzibar More info

Tembo House Hotel and Apartment

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

The Tembo House Hotel & Apartments has on array of antique furniture and ornaments from all over the World. Sleeping on an unique Swahili beds and enjoy the wood carved furniture which rarely seen in many countries. More info

Princess Salme Inn

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

Princess Salme Inn is a B&B and budget hotel perfect for travelers looking to see Zanzibar for less. More info

Beyt al Salaam - Beyt Al Chai

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

For those who want to experience the charm of a classic Zanzibar setting with a touch of ancient Arabian mystique, the place is Beyt Al Salaam, formerly known as Beyt Al Chai. More info

Asmini Palace Hotel

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

Enjoy all the amenities expected in a four star hotel, including a quick ride on the lift to our breath taking sea view terrace. Come and watch the dhows under full sail, slice majestically through the harbour at sunset.. More info

Zanzibar Grand Palace Hotel

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

Zanzibar Grand Palace is where exceptional standards of luxury fuse with vintage traditional interior design and traditional hospitality and values. Located in Stone Town, Zanzibar which was the centre of the Sultanate of Oman’s trade centre. Till today, Stone Town embraces this rich history and Zanzibar Grand Palace is no exclusion. More info

The Seyyida Hotel & Spa

Tanzania . Stone Town /10Minimum Price $ 0

Nestling in Stone Town a listed UNESCO World Heritage site, The Seyyida has been rescued from dereliction and decay, the building’s exquisite architectural feature, marble floors, ancient walls and courtyard garden carefully restored to their former glory. The building is a story of arches, beautiful woodwork and exquisite gardens that take one back to an era gone by. More info